What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Manage Thyroid?

An underactive thyroid — you may hear it called hypothyroidism — can make you feel lousy. Any doctor will tell you that to manage hypothyroidism, you need an appropriate dosage of synthetic thyroid hormone to replace what your body isn’t making on its own. But most people living with hypothyroidism believe that making lifestyle changes can be just as important. That means more than just taking your medicine as prescribed.

Take these simple, everyday steps to start feeling more like yourself.

  • Less Sugar = Fewer worries

Excessive sugar consumption leads to increased inflammation in the body. Inflammation slows down the conversion of T4 to T3 or triiodothyronine, the active thyroid hormone thus worsening the symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Thus, decreasing the consumption of sugar and processed foods can be the first step towards a healthier thyroid function.

  • Get Smart About Sleep

Even though you are dragging through the day, it can be hard to fall and stay asleep at night if you have hypothyroidism. Getting enough good quality sleep will improve your daytime fatigue. Set and stick to a regular wake and bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, cold and cave-like, and avoid caffeine after 2 PM.

  • De-stress

Stress can make hypothyroidism worse, but taking steps to change how you cope with it can make a big difference in how you feel. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or just chilling out to some relaxing music can all help reduce stress and anxiety. Find a stress-reducing technique that works for you and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

  • Shape Up

Exercising is likely the last thing you feel like doing when your thyroid is sluggish, but getting regular physical activity will boost your energy, help with weight loss efforts, and lower your stress levels in people with health conditions like hypothyroidism.

  • Foods that are a big NO-NO

Soy-based foods, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, a high fibre diet, processed foods, frozen meats should be best avoided to improve thyroid health.

While medication is a must for immediate relief and proper treatment for hypothyroidism but maintaining, a healthy lifestyle will certainly help in curbing and managing the symptoms in the long run.

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