Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening: Keeping Our Patients & Colleagues Safe

Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening: Keeping Our Patients & Colleagues Safe

Introduction: Novant Health’s Employee Covid Screening Process

Novant Health established an employee COVID-19 screening process to protect the lives and livelihoods of our patients, their employees, and the communities in which they serve. The rapid spread of this novel coronavirus can be greatly reduced by ensuring that all health care providers are regularly screened, tested and monitored for signs of the virus. By implementing a comprehensive screening process, Novant Health is assisting not only in reducing the number of infections but also aiding in early detection and prevention, helping to ensure its ability to properly respond to any new cases should they arise.

In alignment with our commitment to providing quality care while keeping patients and employees safe, Novant Health has developed a robust screening process. Upon entry into any of our facilities, every employee is screened via thermal imaging technology to detect any increased body temperature or other concerning indicator for possible infection. Additional screenings are conducted prior to employee access or work being authorized; these may include submission samples for COVID-19 tests or answering queries regarding potential recent contact with infected individuals or whether the employee has medical symptoms related to COVID-19 as deemed necessary based on CDC guidelines.

We understand how vital it is that healthcare personnel be in top physical condition and mentally prepared when attending to their important duties each day. Therefore, Novant Health’s systematic monitoring ensures detecting hidden signs before allowing employees onto the premises. As part of our responsibility towards community safety during this critical time, we have committed ourselves toward continual review of available evidence so that changes can be swiftly implemented if necessary based on current conditions observed at local levels throughout each community we serve.

Responding appropriately by staying vigilant as more information becomes available has been essential in protecting our vulnerable population while also enabling us to provide excellent patient service within a safe work environment for Novant Healthcare systems personnel across 16 states throughout the US – plus Puerto Rico! We remain steadfastly focused on doing what it takes here at Novant Health to combat the ongoing pandemic while maintaining high quality patient care no matter what lies ahead!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Participate in Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening Process

The COVID pandemic has changed the way in which many of us go about our day-to-day lives, including the ways employers are screening their employees for coronavirus risk. Novant Health is no exception; they’ve implemented an employee screening process that helps keep their employees safe and healthy while on Novant Health premises. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to participate in Novant Health’s employee Covid screening process so you can remain safe and healthy at work.

First up: take the Employee Daily Screening COVID Questionnaire. This short questionnaire asks about your current health status including any contact you may have had with individuals who have tested positive for the virus. Answer each question honestly and accurately as it will be used to help determine whether or not you should be allowed entry into Novant Health premises.

Second, get ready for your temperature check! All employees entering a Novant Health location must submit to a temperature check conducted by staff using a thermometer that conforms to FDA guidelines. Make sure to stay at least six feet away from others during this process, and dress appropriately (in long sleeves depending on weather). Refrain from eating and drinking before submitting since these can also affect your temperature reading.

Third: Put on a mask or face covering as required by Novant Health policy when entering buildings, common areas or other locations where social distancing cannot be maintained consistently. Even if you don’t feel sick or think you’re exhibiting signs of COVID-19, it’s important to protect those around you by masking up whenever indoors at one of the facilities, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Remember masks can vary greatly in quality so if possible try and spend some extra time researching your options prior to buying one so you make sure it meets safety standards according to healthcare providers like Novant Health!

Finally: familiarize yourself with all other related protocols such as general hygiene practices (always wash hands frequently) and other safety measures outlined by Novant Health – all staff must follow them when at any of their locations! For example, if there is an outbreak declared within your workplace then additional regulations may now apply such as mandatory medical leave for exposed individuals until deemed Clearance status is obtained from Public Service offices/agencies etc., again depending on Federal/State level laws & policies here too!

We hope this concise guide helps provide clarity around how best to participate in the Employee Covid Screening Process offered by Novant Health so that everyone can stay safe while entering/remaining at their locations! The key takeaway here is simple: always follow protocols set forth by healthcare providers like Novant Health and do proper research before investing in any type of protective gear when going outdoors/indoors due its importance when dealing with contagious contagions such as Covid19 coming right now

Common Questions and Answers about Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening Process

Employee Covid Screening is an important part of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our Novant Health team. As the threat posed by Covid-19 continues to evolve, it’s absolutely critical that we stay on top of this evolving process. To help keep everyone informed, here are some commonly asked questions about the employee screening process at Novant Health:

Q: What is included in Novant Health’s Employee Covid Screening?

A: Employees at Novant Health must complete a comprehensive and proactive screening process before being allowed to enter any facility. This involves a temperature check, self-assessment questionnaire, and possible testing depending on the risk level outlined by Public Health officials.

Q: What should I do if my temperature is above normal range during check-in?

A: If your temperature reads higher than normal during check-in, you will need to immediately seek further medical assessment or testing to ensure your health and safety as well as that of those around you. You will not be permitted entry into any facility until that assessment has been completed and approved according to how recent guidelines have determined for symptom management or risk reduction purposes.

Q :How often do I need to go through the screening process?

A: The frequency of screening may vary from facility to facility but generally all employees should be screened daily prior to entering any work area . It’s also important that symptoms are monitored throughout the day too.

Q: How long does the entire screening take?

A: The whole process is designed so that it can be completed quickly – typically taking no more than 5 minutes – allowing workers back into their workspaces quicker and with greater confidence knowing they’ve done their part in keeping everyone safe.

Q :Are there alternatives available for completing screenings if I cannot make it into a facility location? A: Absolutely! We understand life can get busy so if physically coming into one of our facilities isn’t always possible alternative methods such as remote video conferencing screenings are now being used which still meet required standards needed to protect ourselves and others from potential exposure risks.

The Top Five Main Points of Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening Process

1. Pre-Screen Employees: Employees must complete a pre-screening survey prior to entering the facility, including self-reporting any possible Covid exposure or symptoms—such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. This survey should be completed as soon as possible and, if symptoms are present, they should not report to work and contact healthcare professionals.

2. Temperature Check: Upon arriving at the Novant Health facility, each employee will have their temperature checked via a non-contact thermometer. Those who have temperatures exceeding 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home and advised to seek medical advice immediately.

3. Mask Requirements: All employees must wear appropriate masks (surgical for staff in patient care areas, cloth for all others) while in the facility; except when eating at designated break locations where mask breaks are taken with proper distancing measures being adhered to at all times within these areas. Masks must cover both the mouth and nose during operating hours at all times on campus or face disciplinary action from Human Resources Department up to and including removal from service/employment status with Novant Health facilities/sites under their unified corporate umbrella of divisions & affiliates.

4. Physical Distancing Protocol: Working spaces are installed between teams/departments wherever possible with relevant physical distancing protocols in place such as AED’s stands that follow 6 feet of social separation which is in compliance with OSHA regulations regarding health & safety standards in employee working environments utilizing similar signage across establishments throughout different states in USA per CDC guidelines & other federal governing bodies.(you can list more if needed)

5. Daily Cleanings: Each day, Novant Health has increased cleanings of commonly touched surfaces like hard chairs, handles doorways within the facility areas operated by their actual organization matrix including related affiliates installations renovated said years 2019 -2020 industry approved wellness protocols approved by OSHA & NEBB organization procedural services updated database case attached documentation supplies continually upgraded for optimal results certified wall sign offs by authorized inspection team representatives scheduled meeting attendance records filed cases advisory board liaisons signed compliance date set renewal period annually quarterly market shift updates also available on front desk support help center operational system monitoring log reports login database inquiries review process itemized items daily(you can list more if needed).

Benefits and Drawbacks when Participating in Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening Process


Novant Health’s employee COVID screening process provides a valuable service to their staff that can have far-reaching benefits. This process helps protect employees by catching any potential coronavirus cases in the early stages, reducing the spread of the virus and ensuring that all staff members remain healthy and safe. Additionally, this screening process also acts as an invaluable tool to track where infections may be occurring and allow Novant Health to make sure they are properly addressing areas of high risk. By engaging in regular screenings, Novant Health is also able to provide identified risks information so that individuals at and employing prevention strategies can help keep employees safe during work hours. Finally, by subjecting employees to health checks regularly, both employers and workers will be better informed about how best to manage the workplace environment for everyone’s safety — whether it be providing more supportive masks or practicing proper handwashing techniques.


Requiring employees to undergo regular coronavirus screenings means that people are being put out of work for a period of time until results come back negative. This is a significant drawback for many as it interrupts productivity and it cannot always be reliably predicted when results will arrive. As such, this could cause considerable strain on budgets if there are multiple employees being tested at once. Furthermore, because results can take so long to symptom check with Novant Health before getting clearance from their employee COVID screening process can mean further delays in getting back into action if symptoms themselves do not force one off work altogether anyway — compounding any financial burdens even further. Lastly, any kind of health-monitoring practice comes with ethical considerations linked to privacy regards which must carefully considered before implementation once more points increased attention onto individual personal data such as medical records when employed or staffing decisions might not even reflect direct health indicators.

Takeaways: What to Remember About Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening Process

Novant Health has implemented an employee COVID-19 screening process, which is designed to protect both the health and safety of their workers and those in the general community. The goal of this process is to ensure that any current or potential exposure to the virus is identified for testing and isolation measures are put into place when necessary. Here are some takeaways from this initiative:

1. Pre-shift Screening: Before coming in to work each day, all employees must complete a self-administered questionnaire. This survey assesses risk factors while gathering symptoms so that possible exposures can be identified quickly.

2. Follow-up Testing: For those whose survey indicates subjection to possible infection, Novant Health encourages follow-up testing regardless of the individual’s access to healthcare or insurance status. If positive results are found, swift action will be taken with contact tracing and potential quarantine orders for those directly impacted by close contact with the infected person.

3. Masks & Social Distancing: Mask wearing and social distancing guidelines have been put into place at all Novant locations as part of this new policy. In addition, extra cleaning and disinfection practices have also been implemented to help reduce the spread of contagions within shared environments.

The takeaway here is simple – safeguarding staff as well as patients comes first at Novant Health with continuous monitoring through pre-shift screenings and follow up tests taking priority over everything else (including cost concerns). Furthermore, safety protocols such as mask wearing and social distancing remain paramount during these difficult times so that we can live our lives while curbing the spread of this deadly virus.

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Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening: Keeping Our Patients & Colleagues Safe
Novant Healths Employee Covid Screening: Keeping Our Patients & Colleagues Safe
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