Novant Health Employee Pre-Shift Screening: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Novant Health Employee Pre-Shift Screening: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Introduction to Novant Health Employee Pre-Shift Screening Process

Novant Health is a leader in healthcare, providing quality care to our patients and communities we serve through 15 medical centers and over 800 locations, along with the expertise of over 27,000 team members. Our commitment to offering the highest quality of care extends to the safety and health of our employees as well. As such, Novant Health has implemented an employee pre-shift screening process prior to each shift worked.

This pre-shift screening process helps protect our employees from any undue risks associated with treating patients who may have an infectious or contagious illness or condition. It also assists in projecting a professional environment for both staff and patient safety measures alike.

The screening process includes answering several questions related to your physical wellbeing as well as providing contact information if you are identified as having potential symptoms of an infectious illnesses or conditions. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation that you have passed the pre-shift screening requirements before clocking in for your next shift at Novant Health.

This questionnaire assesses those who report flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough and other respiratory problems within two weeks before coming into work; it also checks for any known contacts with anyone having a highly contagious disease such as measles or COVID-19; Finally it also verifies whether they are following all local/state laws regarding quarantine status if required due to known contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 virus.

If any one of these questions is answered “yes” then additional steps must be taken prior to that individual being permitted to work with patients at any Novant Health facility including consultation with their manager about options available for time off or other necessary precautions such as wearing protective equipment when performing duties as per company policy guidelines. Any failure to comply could result in disciplinary action from termination up too be taken by management depending on severity of violation committed.

By complying with this process, we can ensure that all individuals working within our facilities remain safe during their shifts and can accurately identify those potentially carrying any communicable diseases, thus providing greater levels of both employee and patient safety protocols alike.

What Are the Benefits of Novant Health’s Pre-Shift Screening Process?

The Novant Health pre-shift screening process is an important tool that helps to ensure the continued safety of employees, healthcare providers, and patients by helping to identify any potential health risks before the start of each shift. This type of screening process is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

1. Creating a Sense of Safety: By engaging in pre-shift screenings, organizations are creating a safer work environment that results in more productive and efficient shifts while providing peace of mind for all staff members. The screenings detect signs or symptoms associated with infectious diseases (such as Covid-19) that may have gone unnoticed or unaddressed if not addressed through this process. This can significantly reduce the spread of illness at organizations, making it much easier for employees to do their job effectively without fear.

2. Improved Employee Health and Wellness: Pre-shift screenings are proven essential to ensuring employees stay healthy on the job and have less need for sick leave, fewer days off from work due to sickness, and lower rates of absenteeism; all leading to increased job satisfaction among team members and improved employee wellness overall. In addition, this type of screening can also help identify mental health concerns early on allowing employers to provide assistance when needed.

3. Increased Compliance with Regulatory Standards: For healthcare organizations in particular, there can be significant regulatory requirements surrounding infection control practices such as pre-shift screenings – Novant Health’s pre-shift screening process helps meet those standards, resulting in better patient care quality assurance (PHQA). Also helpful is that during Covid-19 crisis times many regulations change rapidly requiring frequent adaptation from organizations which this kind if procedure makes giving a sense trust worthy than other methods analysis for data collection would typically require more cost intensive options along with extra hassle involved which these steps mitigate simultaneously with an elegant solution that has great up time response capabilities can speed up the necessary processes extremely well while satisfying federal guidelines along with expectations from all admin within an organization setting trying to maintain safety & professional credibility second to none!

Overall, Novant Health’s pre-shift screening process provides substantial benefits including increased safety, improved employee wellbeing and compliance with current regulatory standards -all providing key components in ensuring your organization runs smoothly efficiently & effectually day after day without fail!

Step by Step Guide to Navigating Novant Health’s Pre-Shift Screening Process

1. As a Novant Health staff member, you are likely familiar with the pre-shift screening process now in effect to ensure the continued health and safety of patients, visitors and team members inside our facilities. This step-by-step guide will provide detailed information on how to successfully complete this necessary process.

2. The first step of the pre-shift screening process is temperature checking. All staff at Novant Health must self-monitor for fever on a daily basis before work or shift commencement. Temperatures must be taken using a contactless thermometer approved by your supervisor, and readings must register as normal (under 100 degrees Fahrenheit) every single day prior to beginning your shift or entering any Novant Health facility; otherwise you will not be permitted entry until screenings register as normal (a licensed medical professional may be consulted if needed).

3. The second step of the process is for all team members to answer several questions about potential symptoms related to coronavirus exposure (or scenarios that could result in exposure). These questions MAY include:Have you been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19? Have you left the country in the last 30 days? Are you currently experiencing flu/cold like symptoms such as sore throat, cough, nasal congestion etc.? This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and also includes inputting any other relevant information that could possibly impact patient safety & care.

4. The third step is passing all Novant’s required clearance levels which are determined after completing steps 1 & 2 of the pre-shift screening program. If personnel do not pass these levels then they will not be permitted entry into any of our facilities until given authorization from either their supervisor or healthcare authority personnel if applicable .

5. Once all three steps have been cleared and completed successfully, it is important for hospital staff to comply with additional safety requirements such as wearing protective gear & gloves when interacting with patients , observing social distancing guidelines wherever possible, frequent sanitizing along with washing hands thoroughly multiple times during a shift etc…

These continued measures help promote a healthy environment for everyone involved and helps bring us one step closer towards achieving peace of mind!

FAQs about Novant Health’s Employee Pre-Shift Screening Process

Q: What is pre-shift screening?

A: Pre-shift screening is a proactive process that Novant Health uses to help promote the health, safety, and well-being of our employees in the workplace. The goal of the pre-shift screening is to identify potential exposures to COVID-19. It begins with a self-assessment that all employees must complete prior to coming into work. This assessment should be done each day before the employee comes on site and will ask questions about any symptoms they may have associated with COVID-19 or if they have had close contact exposure to anyone known or suspected to have been exposed. If any answers are positive, employees are instructed not to come into work but report their results via a confidential text message so we can provide assistance with isolation or quarantine measures if needed.

Q: What does the pre-shift screening entail?

A: The pre-shift screening consists of an online questionnaire that asks several questions about possible Covid exposure and/or symptoms. Employees must answer these questions honestly regarding their own health status in order for us to take sensible precautions while they’re at work. Depending on the answers provided by an individual employee, further action may be taken such as following up with HR or sending home personnel who is exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with COVID infection.

Q; How often do I need to complete this questionnaire?

A: All employees must complete this questionnaire prior to each shift they are working, regardless of how long ago they completed it last time around. By completing it multiple times throughout the week and month, we are able to keep track of any changes in an individual’s health status so we can better ensure everyone’s safety in our facilities.

Q: Is there a strict timeline when completing this questionnaire?

A: Yes! As part of our commitment towards safe working environment for all staff members, submitting your responses within 30 minutes prior your shift starting time helps us maintain accuracy and timeliness for rapid response whenever needed. A reminder will be sent out 24 hours in advance for you questionnaires scheduled completion date as per your shift start timing

The Top 5 Facts about Novant Health’s Pre-Shift Screening Process

1. Ready-Set-Go: Novant Health’s Pre-Shift Screening process is designed to quickly and effectively screen all healthcare professionals prior to the start of their shift. The screening consists of a three step process – Ready, Set and Go, which is facilitated through an interactive mobile based application. Once the screening is complete, healthcare personnel are cleared to begin their shift in a safe and secure way.

2. Real Time Dashboard: Novant Health has developed a unique dashboard feature that provides real time data on all employees who have completed their pre-shift screenings. This allows managers or supervisors to easily monitor employee compliance as well as receive notifications when attempting to enter the facility without completing the required screenings steps first.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: The pre-shift screening assesses for both physical health issues (such as temperature checks) as well as mental and emotional wellbeing assessments which aim to provide comprehensive coverage for identifying risks associated with COVID-19 exposure or transmission in patient areas or within busy clinics or hospitals.

4. Strict Security Measures: All patient data generated from the pre-shift screening process is encrypted in accordance with HIPPA regulations and stored securely on Novant Health’s Encrypted Serversonly that can only be accessed by legally sanctioned personnel at all times so maintain utmost privacy and security of individual health data at all times.

5. Experience Matters: Last but not least, the application was built and tested by experienced healthcare IT professionals who specialize in developing cutting edge healthcare applications along with thorough testing procedures in order to ensure stability of functionality while minimizing system downtime caused due to technical glitches which helps reduce further potential risks associated with delayed medical care services due to technological issues

Conclusion: Unlock the Benefits of Novant Health’s Employee Pre-Shift Screening

Novant Health’s COVID-19 employee pre-shift screening provides businesses with a comprehensive and cost-effective way to protect their workforce, customers and communities. The system is designed to be user-friendly and make it easy for employees to answer multiple questions regarding their physical health, travel history and contacts with COVID-19 carriers quickly and accurately. Being able to reliably track the health of its workers will give Novant Health an extra layer of safety against any potential viruses entering the workplace.

Furthermore, the tool can be used to quickly identify at risk employees who may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms related to the virus. Notification will then be sent out which would immediately alert those at risk of potential exposure so that they can take appropriate precautions before continuing into the workplace. This could help prevent the spread of the virus in workplaces while targeting employees most likely affected by the virus.

By implementing Novant Health’s employee pre-shift screenings into your business, you can significantly reduce not just operational costs due to reducing time wasted on manual data collection but also long term health costs due to increased safety in your working environment as well as create a productive work culture due to less disruptions caused by people having illness or taking days off for medical treatment purposes. With these few simple steps, your organization could effectively keep up with current public health guidelines while also going above and beyond traditional standards for worker safety. Unlocking these benefits from Novant Health’s Employee Pre-Shift Screening is a safe choice for any company looking for an effective solution that meets today’s challenging workplace needs!

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Novant Health Employee Pre-Shift Screening: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Workplace Safe
Novant Health Employee Pre-Shift Screening: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Workplace Safe
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