Fall in Love with Exercise with These 3 Tips

Let’s be real. When it comes to starting a fitness plan, good intentions don’t always turn into long-term results.

Start your journey by opening your mind to what it means to be physically active. Fitness is not just about sweaty gyms, treadmills, and insanely fit drill sergeants. It’s also about connecting with friends, enjoying nature, listening to music, clearing your head, and much more.

There’s more good news. You don’t have to fully reach the somewhat onerous- physical activity recommendations to reap mental and physical health benefits. In fact, those who are sedentary can benefit from just a small amount of movement — even less than ten minutes!

Ready to get hooked? Follow these three steps:

  • Explore your options

Part of falling in love with anything is to experience some level of enjoyment—and at least you need to like whatever you’re doing. Some people can’t stomach exercising in a gym for example, so their best bet might be running or cycling outside or a boot camp. Other folks love yoga. While it’s important to incorporate strength training and cardio in a fitness routine, it’s also key to do what you love.

  • Tap your network

Create a fitness community to help stay on track. Your Fitbit dashboard is especially useful because you can add friends, share your goals and data, and motivate each other to keep going. You can also tap into a larger Fitbit community through your Facebook friends and contacts.

  • Rest and Recover

You will perform better—and be better able to love your workouts—if you give your muscles a chance to rest. Recovery can mean a day off from the gym or an easy walk the day after a tough strength session. One thing it always means is sleep.

Your fitness soul-mate is out there, waiting to be discovered. With a solid research investment, ample experimentation, and a dose of patience, you too will be cheerfully telling others about your love affair with exercise!

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