Benefitting Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of a Thomson Health Screening

Benefitting Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of a Thomson Health Screening

Introduction to Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening

There has been an increased understanding in recent times around the importance of good health and taking the necessary steps to ensure that individuals can remain as healthy as possible for so long as possible. One area of preventative health that is gaining more traction, especially among those who are within a certain Life Stage or have been identified as being at higher risk of developing certain health conditions, is Lifestyle Health Screening.

Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening is a comprehensive Primary Prevention package that helps individuals to assess and reduce their risk of potential future chronic diseases. It is developed with the aim of ensuring that everyone can make sound lifestyle choices before any complications occur or worsen.

The screening program focuses on providing easy-to-understand information tailored to each individual’s respective situation and results, complete with recommendations where necessary. The screening includes body composition analysis, bio-markers assessment, nutrition counseling, and evaluation for all relevant lifestyle habits associated with one’s health status such as smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary behaviors etc. Depending on the individual’s risk assessment and personal preference further tests may be added from other packages from Thomson Medical Centre.

The array of benefits offered by Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening are numerous – it allows you to tailor your lifestyle decisions based on sound data regarding your current state of health; provides advice on how best to improve any areas where issue arise; enables you to develop personalized prevention strategies which can help keep underlying medical issues at bay; assists you in identifying unhealthy lifestyle patterns early enough; helps maintain an accurate record of lifespan progress when combined with regular periodic checkups; and provides objective metrics through which progress can be tracked over time.

At Thomson Medical Centre we believe in helping our patients lead healthier lives and this programme strives towards empowering them towards this goal while reducing the risks they face during key stages of their life cycle. Everyone deserves the chance to live life healthier– come experience it today!

How Does Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening Work?

Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening is a comprehensive program offered by Thomson Medical that takes into consideration the physical, psychological, and functional health assessment of an individual.

The program starts with an individual registering for the program and providing demographic information, medical history, medication regimens, and lifestyle habits. This information is used to determine the eligibility of the individual for specific screenings or treatments offered by Thomson Medical.

Next, a physical examination will be performed. The purpose of this exam is to assess current health status and detect any signs of potential health problems. Blood pressure readings, pulse rate checks, height/weight measurements are all taken during this process in order to accurately understand one’s overall health condition.

The following awaits after this – screening tests! A variety of screening tests are conducted at Thomson Life to help assess one’s overall risk for disease. In addition to general laboratory tests (e.g., complete blood count), more specialized tests such as endoscopic examinations may also be scheduled depending on each individual’s risk profile or if they show signs or symptoms indicative of diseases during the physical exams done earlier.

Apart from blood analysis and urine sample collection, applicable individuals can also opt in for non-invasive treatments or advanced scans such as lung CT scan or Mammogram depending on their level of risk factors present previously identified during pre-screening phase of the process. Familial cancer marker testing can be chose by individuals if they wish to go beyond regular health screenings with regards to detecting hereditary diseases which might not surface until much later in life otherwise had went undetected due to lack awareness most people have over it..

In summary through its extensive screening program, Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening offers individuals an opportunity for preventive care against potential future health issues with farsightness beyond their immediate heath condition . Knowing one’s current state is often difficult but taking charge and responsibility ahead though this kindle upfront work should provide early detection at least before worse comes .

Step by Step Guide to Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening

Health screening is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But many people do not understand what it entails and are unsure of the steps they need to take to ensure they receive the advice, treatment and care that they need. To help people make sure they are taking the right steps towards good health, this post provides a step by step guide to Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening.

Step 1: Recognise Your Need for Screening

The first step in any health screening process is recognising your need for one . This could be because you have noticed changes in your body or perhaps a family member has recommended that you get tested due to your age or history. No matter what has triggered you to book in for screening, it’s important that you focus on getting the results you desire from it so make sure you discuss any concerns with your GP as well as taking their general advice about how best to go about it.

Step 2: Choose High Quality Tests

In order to get accurate results, it’s essential that people choose tests which will provide them with reliable information. Depending on why someone wishes to have a health screen done, there may be different types of tests they should consider choosing from but Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening offers a range of services including ultrasound scans and blood tests which can reveal more detailed insights into overall health along with optional lifestyle assessment which also looks at diet and physical activity , both factors necessary when assessing overall wellbeing .

Step 3 : Prepare Yourself Mentally & Physically

Preparation is key when attending any medical appointment and this applies just as much to health screenings too . It is advised that those attending such appointments should get plenty of rest ahead of time , drink plenty of water the day before (and during) their visit , dress comfortably yet appropriately for their appointment and double check their personal details beforehand so that staff can accurately record them along with other pertinent information .

Step 4 :Talk Openly With Your Specialist – Attend Your Screening Appointment

When visiting for an appointment , communication between patient and practitioner is paramount . By speaking openly about anything causing concern or discomfort before receiving results , individuals can gain further insight into possible solutions accessible within their local healthcare system after reviewing any reports generated from screening processes completed at Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening clinics . During this time , experts will ask questions regarding family medical history and current lifestyle habits in order that accurate predictions can be made – keeping all parties informed throughout helps develop trust between doctor/therapist/specialist & patient throughout treatment course/.

Step 5: Make Changes & Continue Testing if Necessary

Depending on individual needs & physician recommendations , changes may be necessary after completing testing procedures at Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening . Whether dietary OR activity levels need amendment or further investigations initiated due to abnormal readings noted from initial visits alleventualities SHOULD BE discussed between personnel so that anyone affected fully understands implications & potential risk associated with NOT doing stated preventative measures. Therefore never hesitate doing repeat tests if suggested either as precautionary measure taken OR follow-up establishment – whatsoever case coverage provided by healthcare supplier reassures customers peace of mind knowing subsequent actions planned enabled detection existing issues early enough hopefully address BEFORE increasing complications setin !

Benefits of Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening

The Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening is a simple and effective way to monitor your health on an ongoing basis. With this screening, you can identify potential health risks early, before they become more serious. The screening is designed to check for a variety of health factors such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels and other important markers. By staying informed about your own health status you can make lifestyle changes that are necessary in order to maintain (or improve) your overall health and vitality.

Some other benefits of undergoing Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening include:

1. Early Detection – It’s far better (and easier) to catch any potential problems or risks with regular screenings than waiting till they develop into something more serious. For example, if you have high cholesterol levels which have been detected early, then you can make changes in your diet and lifestyle to bring them back down to the ideal level sooner rather than later.

2. Improved Health Maintenance – Regular screenings allow you to better track any improvements or declines in your overall health over time, helping you make necessary adjustments accordingly. If something isn’t working for you – such as a certain type of exercise regimen – the results from the screenings will help guide those decisions so that corrective action can be taken or switched up if need be.

3. Quality Care From Experienced Professionals – Working with a team of qualified medical professionals gives you access to advice and support throughout the screening process along with personalized insights on how best manage any underlying conditions that may exist within your body given its unique makeup/circumstances at any given point in time. Additionally, trained staff members will assist in interpreting the results after each screening helping to ensure accuracy and giving guidance on what recommended steps should be taken next (if necessary).

Overall, the benefits of undergoing Thomson Lifestyle Health Screenings are innumerable – from preventing illnesses down the road by detecting problems early on, arriving at important insights about one’s own personal health through tracking progress over time with accuracy and expertise from experienced professionals every step of the way making it well worth partaking in now!

FAQs on Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening

What is the Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening?

Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening is a comprehensive health assessment program designed to detect early signs of disease, assess risks and determine any lifestyle modifications needed to help you stay healthy. This screening includes physical examination, blood tests and ultrasound scans. The results generated from this screening will serve as a guide for you and your healthcare provider to create an action plan which could help achieve healthier outcomes.

Who should undergo the Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening?

Anyone over 18 years old who is looking for detailed insights into their current health status, including those with existing medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. By getting screened regularly, it can improve your chances of detecting possible diseases at an early stage while also alerting you when there may be potential risks that need further attention. It’s also recommended for those seeking more holistic knowledge on their overall wellness in order to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and diet.

How often should I get screened?

It is generally recommended that healthy adults undergo the Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening every two years or so. For anyone at increased risk for developing certain health problems (such as those with pre-existing conditions), screening recommendations may vary based on individual circumstances and doctor recommendation.

What types of tests are included in the screening?

The package includes physical assessments such as liver functions tests, lipid profile tests and glycated haemoglobin (HbA1C) levels as well as an ultrasound scan of the abdomen region. It also includes measurements such as body mass index (BMI) calculations and waist circumference information which can provide further details regarding your overall risk factor profile for developing chronic diseases down the road. Other optional add-ons such as genetic testing or cancer profiling screenings may be available depending upon location.

What happens if abnormal test results are identified during screening?

You will receive notifications directly from one of our board certified physicians who will explain any abnormal results found during testing and suggest appropriate follow up actions with a qualified healthcare provider if needed. In some cases like metabolic syndrome indicators, additional lifestyle advice may be offered to help minimize risks identified through the results of the screening program itself.

Top 5 Facts AboutThomson Lifestyle Health Screening

1. Thomson Lifestyle Health Screening has been helping to reduce premature deaths in Singapore for over 50 years. It provides comprehensive health assessments that can detect early signs of illnesses and medical conditions, allowing people to take action before it’s too late. Through their screenings, they have been able to help individuals identify and manage any potential health risks.

2. The screening service covers 35 different types of tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, glucose test and hearing tests among others, ensuring that all parts of the body are tested to cater to different age groups and sensitivities. The screening results are further analysed by experienced doctors who can provide additional advice based on individual results.

3. A network of 90 clinics island-wide ensures access across Singapore regardless of location or time constraints with appointments available five days per week until 8PM in the evenings at some locations. Receive same-day bookings where slots are available for conversations about lifestyle changes or receive the results within 24 hours for those needing a timely answer after the physical assessment is done.

4. At each screening appointment patients can talk through their experiences with trained medical staff ensuring privacy is respected throughout any discussions whilst also enabling meaningful dialogue on how best to manage any reported conditions relating back to a healthy lifestyle choice movement if required as part of an overall plan for improved wellbeing .

5 .The advanced technology utilised automatically flags abnormal readings that require further investigations by bringing these into focus within the overall report summary meaning carers will be prompted on what else may need exploring prior to considering other steps involving daily routines or medications either short or long term moving forward..

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Benefitting Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of a Thomson Health Screening
Benefitting Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of a Thomson Health Screening
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