Avoid Complications of Lung Cancer with Timely Diagnosis

How timely diagnosis at right time can avoid complications of Lung cancer?

Regular health checkups are crucial for the early diagnosis and staging of lung cancer. Skipping routine health checkups and delaying in symptoms based diagnosis of lung cancer can lead to serious complication of the disease.

Lung Cancer

Cancer causes changes in cells that are otherwise healthy. The cells grow too quickly, without dying off.

Normal cells in the body usually die at a certain stage in their life cycle, thereby preventing a buildup of too many cells. In cancer, however, the cells continue to grow and multiply. As a result, tumours develop.

The two main types of lung cancer are small-cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, depending on how they appear under a microscope. Non-small cell lung cancer is more common than small cell lung cancer.

Anyone can develop lung cancer, but cigarette smoking and having exposure to smoke, inhaled chemicals, or other toxins can increase the risk.

Diagnosis of lung cancer

For confirmation and staging of the lung cancer below tests are performed.

  • Chest X-rays

A chest X-ray can produce images of your lungs, airways, heart, blood vessels, and bones of the chest and spine. It is often the first imaging test a doctor will order if lung or heart disease is suspected.

  • CT scan

It is used to look for early signs of lung cancer. If the test finds cancer, treatment can start early. This test helps to establish the stage of lung cancer, whether early or advanced stage, by exposing surrounding areas of the legion.

  • MRI scan

MRI produces images that allow doctors to see the location of a lung tumour and/or lung cancer metastases and measure the tumour’s size. This test is done rarely and shows cancer spread to nearby areas like ribs or vertebrae.

  • PET CT scan

PET CT Scan detect the total spread in the body, this test also confirms the exact stage of cancer and its possible spread in the body.

Timely diagnosis is very important to detect lung cancer at an early stage, which is possible through regular health checkups. In addition to this, keep a regular check on health status by having full body tests, X-rays, and regular lung cancer checks. Early diagnosis of lung cancer is required for establishing the disease prognosis. Preventive health checks help in determining the body’s health status.

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